Your Golfing Journey


Give golf a go

Giving 'golf a go' is the first step that will help you to decide whether this is a game for you and one that you'd enjoy playing with friends, a significant other or family.


What to wear

It's the first thing on every woman's lips: "what can I wear?" For a taster session we recommend that you choose clothing that's comfortable for you to wear, that has some stretch, and flat sturdy footwear.

To gain a better idea, read our "What to wear" blog.

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What to expect from your first taster session

We give you an overview of what it’s like to attend your first golf taster session. It may be a daunting experience thinking about attending one, so we want to help relieve you of some beliefs that you may have of golf.


Bookable taster sessions

Now that you’re a little more familiar with what a golf taster session is all about. Take your next step and click the button to book your first session, why not encourage a friend along with you and book her in too.


Getting your golf started

Once you have 'given golf a go' and want to take in that next step further, you will want to consider whether you sign-up for a short-course of group coaching sessions or attend weekly roll-up sessions. There's no right or wrong way to take your next step it could purely depend on availability.


Bookable group coaching sessions

These can take a couple of forms, from a short-course of group coaching sessions to weekly roll-up sessions that make it flexible for you to drop in at your convenience.

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What golf equipment?

The short answer is nothing. When you're first starting out its not necessary to buy a set of golf clubs or clothe yourself in all the gear. When you're ready to make that step we'll give you some options in purchasing golf equipment.


Terminology & basic rules of golf

There are 34 rules in golf and 62 definitions relating to the rules. We don’t expect you to know them all, when you’re getting started. Here are some basics that will help you along the way.


Improving your golf

Which is the best way to continue on your golfing journey? There are a couple of choices, if you feel that golf membership is the way to go then joining an academy is a great start. Participating in any sporting or fitness activity requires some sort of weekly (or daily) schedule, becoming a member will assist you to play regularly and improve your golf.


Golf academy

Academy membership usually lasts for a year and is aimed at beginners. This is a good way to enjoy and trial the benefits of a golf membership whilst learning the game. Membership terms can vary, generally they are there to help you build your golfing confidence on the course. The membership package may contain individual lessons and group sessions to support your golf and gaining a handicap.

Ready to find a golf course or club with Academy membership...


Individual golf lessons

Sometimes a 1:1 lesson with a golf coach is all that's needed to guide your golf game to the next level, rid a habit that you may have picked up, or that you are struggling with in your game. Lessons tend to be bookable for 30 or 60 minutes, If you need some help with your course management, a 9-hole playing lesson is usually what's required.

Find and book an individual golf or playing lesson.