Women's taster sessions achieves 87% paticipation rate

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North Foreland Golf Club

Case Study & Testimonials


The purpose of FORE! WOMEN is to increase female usage at golf courses and clubs and our goal is to reach a point of continuous recruitment. To facilitate this at North Foreland Golf Club, FORE! Women used four key strategies: partnership, media activity, taster sessions, and a sales process. As a result, they welcomed 61 women to four taster sessions within three months.



  • To encourage female participation and remove their perception of the Golf Club
  • To implement a process for continuous recruitment of new female members
  • To raise awareness of the Academy and Short Course facility to residents in Thanet


  • Partnership focused on brand and distribution
  • Using media activities to raise awareness and generate interest
  • Taster sessions to encourage participation at the golf club
  • Implementation of a sales process


  • Generated a list of 70 women who are actively interested in golf
  • 87 per cent of women participated in a golf taster session
  • 3/5ths returned for a paid 1:1 or group lesson
  • 10 per cent took up their Academy membership offer
  • 20 women purchased and attended a 5 week improvement course

Read our testimonials from North Foreland Golf Club's Marketing Committee

Read testimonials from women who attended our taster sessions.


I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon, everyone was so friendly and completely changed my misguided opinions of North Foreland! From the moment I walked from the car park to the Pro Shop people nodded and acknowledged me and whilst on the putting area, a gentleman wished us a pleasant afternoon.
I have played previously, albeit years ago, but thought the session gave an excellent insight into golf both playing and the etiquette. Personally, I hope that the day has given me the opportunity to meet and play with other ladies who do not currently have any friends playing golf.
N.F. Golf Club provided a professional yet friendly environment for the “novice”. At the start of the “taster” we were introduced to the facilities of the clubhouse whilst the afternoon tea offered an opportunity to meet and greet all concerned. It was a highly structured event that was well planned and executed.
The golf session was perfect for beginners, a taster as described. I’ve played a couple of years but still picked up tips.
There’s only so much you can cover in an hour and a half! The 3 skills gave an all round experience. The 2 coaches had good patter and banter which relaxed most people. The instructions were clear, concise and gave the opportunity to ask questions without feeling intimidated!
Loved the experience, opened up a whole new world which I am hoping to join! (Work and children permitting…)
This taster day was worth going too, l would recommend to other women to have a go.
I liked the opportunity to have a go at the three different levels of hitting the ball, having had more practice at putting than the others. I realised that I am not naturally talented but was just as good as some of the others. To be honest I don’t really have time to take up golf because of my other interests and commitments, but the Northcliff Course is something our family would seriously consider using occasionally. Glad to have discovered it!
We had a brilliant day and will definitely come back for some more lessons. The whole group were such lovely people and the time just flew. We ended up making new friends as well. Thank you for your fantastic hospitality.