stop giving women their reasons not to walk through your clubhouse door!



Founder FORE! WOMEN | BA (Hons) | DipM | Brand Ambassador | Level 1 Golf Coach


4 reasons to be accredited

1. Partnership

Creates awareness and removes the barriers that reduces resistance to ensure that women feel that taking part in golf is acceptable and achievable.

2. Speak to women

Golf is perceived as male dominated which can increase a women’s anxiety in giving golf a go, prospective women viewing your website or publications will feel confident that you’re speaking to her through feminine imagery and golf coaching products aimed at women.

3. Reduce negativity

Some golf clubs can come across being ‘stuffy’ which negatively reflects upon non-stuffy clubs - our branding instantly assists your communications in breaking female perceptions and barriers.

4. Strengthened marketing activities

Accreditation can assist in leveraging the share of the golf market. Gain alignment with our partners and implement a collaborative approach for cross marketing activities.



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Women control or influence 67%* of household spend, within 10 years their control is likely to rise to 75%. Excluding women from your marketing activities  means that it is likely you will have to work harder to attract new members  and to keep your existing members and juniors. It is likely by changing your golf club's focus to encourage women along and making them feel confident and comfortable around golf that job will be easier.

In the UK and Ireland, research shows that there are already 3.79** million prospective female golfers who fall into the categories of ‘very interested or interested' in taking up golf.

*In 2015, Catalyst.org reported women globally are responsible for $29 trillion with a rise of $40 trillion in three years.
**Research (Syngenta) shows the global figure is 36.9 million women

who are fore! women

Founded by Felicity Dunderdale, FORE! WOMEN was inspired by her own story of getting into golf.

It is the belief of FORE! WOMEN that whenever a woman wants to give golf a go, learn to play or play a round, they will be empowered to take these steps with the support of accredited partners.