What golf equipment?


When getting your golf started, especially when attending a taster session or a short-course of lessons you shouldn’t need to buy or take a golf club with you. A general rule of thumb is that the coach who’s hosting the session will have all the equipment that you need for your first golfing experience.

In this blog what we mean by golf equipment are golf clubs and practice balls.

And, generally, the golf coach will have the latest equipment to hand for you to use. Golf equipment goes through rapid improvements, there’s alway some tweak or redesign to the club head or sweet spot on the club face.

When you’ve decided that golf is for you and you’re ready to continue you can go one of two ways: buy a second-hand set or spend a little bit more on a starter or beginner set.

Here are some examples of what we mean:

If you’re after a second hand set of golf clubs you can buy these on: eBay, at American Golf, or search through local newspapers or free ads.

The images (right) are from the eBay research that we have done for you, at the time of writing this blog.

Second-hand example of Wilson 1200 golf club (8-iron

Second-hand example of Wilson 1200 golf club (8-iron

Second-hand set

We would say don't spend more than £50-100 for a second-hand set, especially if they have steel shafts.

Wilson Prostaff women's half set golf clubs

Wilson Prostaff women's half set golf clubs

A starter or half set of golf clubs

We found these half set of golf clubs for £230, with a bag. You are allowed no more than 14 clubs in a bag, so you would probably expect to have six to seven clubs in a half set.

Full set

However, a beginners set of ladies Wilson 1200XV golf clubs with a bag will set you back £250.

New full set women's Wilson 1200XV

New full set women's Wilson 1200XV

Whether you’re purchasing a new set or second-hand it is always advisable to test the club/s by hitting some balls.

The main considerations are, do you like:
* the way that the club feels when you’re swinging it and once you’ve hit the ball?
* the look of the clubs when they’re sitting in the bag? and
* them when you’re looking down at them during your stance?

If your answer is 'YES' to all of those questions then you won’t go wrong.

A little secret, you can’t go wrong with a set of second-hand or new Wilson 1200’s. If you're buying second-hand see if you can find a set with graphite shafts.

Felicity’s first set of clubs were Wilson 1200’s, she still has them.

By the time you’re ready for your second set of golf clubs and you’ll know when you’ll be ready to buy them. So, don’t splash out on your first set of clubs because you’ll be trading them in in no time.

Felicity Dunderdale