The 4-week drill challenge


We've launched our simple technique that’ll help you gain confidence and strengthen your golf into a 4-week Challenge.

Whilst we're kicking our heels waiting for the Spring and the start of the new golfing season I wanted to focus on the one thing that you could be doing right now. It will help you in kick-starting or continuing to build your golfing confidence and strengthen your ability.

At our weekly group sessions, PGA golf coach, Maxine Burton has taught us a simple exercise that she's used in her golf career as a tour player and a coach. It's so simple that you can practice it at home and you don't even need to hold a golf club. It’s called 'The Drill'.

In the steps below, I’ll guide you in using a golf club so that you know what to do when you're warming up before a game, practicing at the range, or on the course. If I feel that I'm losing confidence in my swing during these times, I'll execute 'The Drill'. Even before you’ve attended a taster session you can start practicing this exercise.

Tip #1: A wooden spoon or similar could be used instead of a golf club.

There are seven steps to 'The Drill':

1. Take your golf club - preferably a short iron, no longer than a 7 iron. This is the one that shows the number seven on the sole of the club. Shorter irons are identified with a number 8, 9, or the letters W or PW, and SW.

2. Set yourself up as if you were going to hit an imaginary ball.

3. Start your practice swing, make sure that you complete a full follow-through and swing through to your finish position.

4. Repeat the process 10 times without stopping. If you're feeling a little off-balance, stop, reset and continue.

5. Make sure on your down swing that you hit the ground with each repetition.

6. On your last swing, hold your follow-through as if you’re watching the flight of your ball down the fairway.

7. This technique should make you slightly breathless.

Tip #2: when at home to save you digging up the grass in your garden, striking the patio or decking. If you can, cut an unused piece of carpet to 1-2m2 and use it as a practice mat.

Our group member Deborah Turner, You Image Consultancy, has been practising it throughout our Winter break. To make herself accountable she's been Tweeting me once she's completed it.

At our first session back in January this year you can see that not only has her confidence grown, her golfing ability has too. She's not hit a ball since our last session in November. You can watch a video that we made of 'The Drill' below. Tweet or email me a short video of yourself practising 'The Drill' and Maxine will offer you some improvement guidance if wanted.

In my next blog, I'll guide you in your golfing journey for 2016 and show you what you should be looking out for after you’ve attended a taster session.

Felicity Dunderdale