British women most optimistic about hitting a hole-in-one

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Did you know that you are over 3,500 times more likely to get a hole-in-one than you are to win the lottery?

But, before you start saving for the clubhouse drinks, at odds of 12,500/1, you’d still need to play one round of golf, per week, for 240 years before you can expect to hit one - phew!

A recent probability survey by, has revealed that British women are more optimistic than men about scoring a hole-in-one.

The survey discovered that while 22.7% of women correctly identified their chances of scoring an ace, just 19.7% of men were able to do the same. Results also showed that people aged 18-34 are the most positive about getting a hole-in-one of all age groups - they’ve obviously not played enough!

Fortunately, in a skill-based game like golf, there are a few things you can do to increases your chances.

These include: regular practice to reduce your handicap, playing shorter courses with less challenging holes, and avoiding strong winds and difficult weather conditions.

Just last year, an amateur golfer in the United States, beat odds of over one trillion to one to hit three holes-in-one in a single round. Read the full story of Patrick Wills and his incredible round here.

Other hole-in-one stories

In 2014, The Telegraph reported at the age of 61, Patricia Smart defied the odds of 40 million to one to achieve two holes-in-one at her club's ladies day tournament in Lytham St Annes.

Felicity Dunderdale