8 top tips for men when helping women to get their golf journey started

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An article written by Journalistic for Golf Support found that "A recent report that claimed men can play a huge role in encouraging women to participate in golf; to exercise their potential, free of fear and judgement: if only they would.

"As it seems one of the top reasons for female golfers taking up the game is due to influence from a male peer. However, the same report found that only a quarter of male golfers are interested in playing casual golf with female counterparts and just 1 in 2 women who play golf do so because of influence from a male partner – with 78% of male players stating that their partners do not play. 

"Evidently there is a missing link in action somewhere, as it has also been noted that more than 1 in 2 male golfers have sons who play golf – but just 12% have daughters who play. Are fathers taking the time to take their daughters to the green alongside their sons? Or are they simply being overlooked altogether? 

We have written our top tips to support our male friends in encouraging women out onto the golf course. 

Is the interest there? 

Find out if she's interested in playing golf, these three things will give you a good hint if you’re onto a winner. If/She:

* friends or other family members play,

* enjoys watching golf on TV,

* enjoy’s playing mini-golf or has joined you at the driving range 

Plant the seed

If you’re unsure if she’s interested and think that finding out will give you a Marmite reaction you could start the question by mentioning a friend’s wife, partner or daughter who’s recently picked up a set of sticks. “Did you know that…has just started to play golf.” Until she builds up her confidence, women like to start playing golf with a trusted friend/ partner or like-minded females. One word on the Marmite reaction - it’s not you, it’s the reaction when the four letter word that ‘golf’ gets, thinking about it many sports can get this reaction: football, tennis, cricket…dare we continue. 

Ask her to join you 

Many women simply get overlooked when their father/ partner/ male friend is heading off to the golf course or to the driving range. Be prepared to diarise it or give her some notice. 

Get the pro or assistant involved

If it’s arranged, you may want to ask the resident pro or assistant if they’re available to get her started with some tips. One of the worst things that a man can do is point out faults or say ‘Don't move your head.’ 

Borrow some golf clubs 

Show her that you’re serious about engaging her in golf, see if you can borrow a few golf clubs from the pro or a female friend. American Golf stores tend to have whole corners stacked of second-hand golf clubs. 

Don’t leave her 

At the driving range or course, don’t just leave her to get on with it, the surroundings are unfamiliar and there's a lot of underlying misconceptions that she would have unconsciously picked up. 

Start with putting 

If she’s interested or keen to start playing golf the putting green is often a good place to start. When we host taster sessions, this our first step and then build up to the long shots. A bit like getting yourself warmed up for a game. 

Meet up after your game

Encourage her to meet you after your game so that you can introduce her to your group or members so that she can get familiar with other golfers. If there are some female golfers there, that you recognise, ask them if you can introduce her to them - they’ll be more than happy to chat to her about golf. 

Felicity Dunderdale