Hooked on golf and reinventing its image


We cringe when a couple of, very clever, TV adverts have aired that show you how some media see golfers. Quiet males of retirement age, that are overweight and wear dated, brightly coloured clothing and are being bullied by the stereotypical golf widow.

Let me paint you a picture of how I see a new wave of golfers. Open-minded females, concerned with their fitness, healthy eating and fashion. Juggling life with a career they maybe single or married, or stay at home to look after their family. Enjoyment is gained from playing golf and social activities off the course.

We'll introduce you to some famous women who play: Jodie Kidd, Geri Halliwell, Catherine Zeta Jones, Jane Seymore, Ivanka Trump and Cameron Diaz. Most of these ladies hold a golf handicap higher than the maximum for women (36) in the UK. According to an interview on the American late night TV show, Jimmy Kimmel, Cameron Diaz compared her love for playing golf to “crack cocaine,” And she is said to hold a handicap of 40.

We also found a web article that showed two ladies from Cheshire who have recently taken up golf. According to ‘If you can’t beat ‘em…’, from the PGA.info

“I have definitely been ‘bitten by the bug’ and am no longer a golf widow but a golf wife!”
— Ann Bourne, Macclesfield

And Paula Kingsley, from Lyme Green, added: "Golf has given me the opportunity of keeping fit and also offers social opportunities. I must admit I am totally hooked and would recommend golf to anyone looking for a fun, although frustrating at times, form of exercise with social opportunities thrown in,"

Felicity Dunderdale