Founded by Felicity Dunderdale, FORE! WOMEN was established as the result of her own experience in getting started in golf. In contrast to her family’s keen interest in the sport, Felicity’s focus for outdoor pursuits as a child was towards horse-riding - although she was encouraged to pick up a club and hit some balls at the driving range from time to time.

This flicker of interest to play golf didn’t really ignite until she was in her early 20’s when she was inspired by a job role that required organising customer golf days. Although it took a few more years for her to get her golfing journey really going, a relocation to Brighton, Sussex, ultimately motivated her to take the plunge and join a golf club. Felicity’s experience taught her that not only was golf a great way to exercise but also a way to establishing a social life too. She knew that if she joined a golf club it would be a lot easier for her to quickly meet and make new friends locally.

On the face of it joining a golf club sounded simple, however, Felicity wanted to be sure that the club was the right move for her. Making good use of her membership vied with worries such as what to expect from the club, how would she go about gaining a handicap and if there would be a willing member to help her grow confidence on the course.

However, there was some light - the three people that she met in the car park on her first visit to the club invited her to play the following Saturday and the rest as they say is history! But Felicity knows her particular experience was probably an exception and she was inspired to create FORE! WOMEN as a guide to help you gain knowledge and ultimately confidence to give golf a go, experience and make the most of this amazing ball sport and develop friendships for life. Today Felicity is not only firmly bitten by the golf bug, she is also a PGA level One Golf Coach and Brand Ambassador for National Golf Month.