Your Golfing Journey


Giving golf a go

taster sessions

Want to 'give golf a go' or 'get golfing'? Don’t know where to start. We’ll guide you in: what to wear, where to get started locally to you, and what your next steps are.

Getting your golf started

group coaching sessions

Start to build your golfing confidence, on and off the course. Get to grips with golf's: basic skills, terminology, and guiding you to where you need to be spending your money.

Improving your golf

academy & lessons

Joining an academy can bridge the gap between attending group coaching sessions to build your confidence and trialling a golf membership.

Having individual lessons can be a crucial part of your game that'll help you with the one or two areas that you may have be struggling with right now.


golf wellbeing

For any golfer it is important for you to keep your body flexible, strong and healthy, so that you can continually enjoy playing the game or you may need to manage an injury that you may have. Introducing golf specific exercises or pilates into your journey could be the difference between playing difference between playing average or amazing golf.


accredited golf coaching

We're making sure that you have a positive coaching experience during your golfing journey. Our accreditation programme is a way for us to recommend a golf coach to you for your golfing needs.


ACCRedited golf courses & clubs

Our accredited golf courses and clubs go through a 12-step process making it really easy for you to recognise the right golf course or club for you. We focus on drawing out the female customer experience and translate it into a female-friendly scorecard so that you can simply recognise FORE! WOMEN accredited golf courses and clubs. Which leave you feeling comfortable and confident to get your golf started.


Partners & supporters