Your Golfing Journey


Giving golf a go

taster sessions

Want to 'give golf a go' or 'get golfing'? Don’t know where to start. We’ll guide you in: what to wear, where to get started locally to you, and what your next steps are.

Getting your golf started

group coaching sessions

Start to build your golfing confidence, on and off the course. Get to grips with golf's: basic skills, terminology, and guiding you to where you need to be spending your money.

Improving your golf

academy & lessons

Joining an academy can bridge the gap between attending group coaching sessions to build your confidence and trialling a golf membership.

Having individual lessons can be a crucial part of your game that'll help you with the one or two areas that you may have be struggling with right now.


female-friendly golf courses & clubs

Search our female-friendly golf courses and clubs to find those who are actively promoting women's golf coaching sessions and encouraging women to feel comfortable and confident in and around golf.

Find your nearest female-friendly golf facility.


Partners & supporters